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How to Ensure Success of Committees

Committees are a key component of a successfully run Association and are especially important in large Associations.  Committees should consist of residents of the Association outside of Board members; however, ensuring success of a Committee can be a challenge.  In order for a Committee to be effective, the Board of Directors must establish a clear purpose and expectations, a procedure for accomplishing the goals, specific objectives and deadlines, and rewards for a job well done.  A liaison should also be appointed and assigned the responsibility of keeping the Committee on track and act as a resource.  A liaison can be a Board member but that person should not be the Chair of the Committee.

It is important to determine whether or not the Committee will only act in an advisory capacity or will be given decision-making authority.  If the Committee is to operate in an advisory capacity, the Board should always act upon Committee’s recommendations unless doing so would violate the governing documents or put a financial burden on the Association.    Committee members will quickly lose interest in serving if the Board “dismisses” all recommendations. 

The sample Committee Charter (Landscaping Committee) below address the operation of the Committee; however, the Board must remember to act upon the advice of the Committees and reward them whenever possible.  Rewards can be simple “Thank You” notes in the Association’s newsletters, acknowledgment of their hard work at the Board and membership meetings, and general appreciation of what the Committees are accomplishing. 




WHEREAS, Section X.X of the Amended and Restated Declaration obliges the Association to maintain all landscaping materials and plants situation upon the Common Area; AND

WHEREAS, Section X.X of the ByLaws requires the Board of Directors to “provide for the operation, care, upkeep, and maintenance of all of the Common Areas”; AND

WHEREAS, Section X.X of the Amended and Restated Declaration empowers the Board to appoint committees in its discretion; AND

WHEREAS, Article XX of the ByLaws permits committees established by the Board to exercise authorities of the Board; AND

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it necessary to establish a Landscaping Committee to ensure satisfactory maintenance of the landscaping in the Common Area;

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that a Landscaping Committee shall be established, and that the following procedures for this Committee be adopted and implemented herewith:


The Landscaping Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and be responsible for ensuring satisfactory maintenance of all landscaping in the Common Areas and Common Area’s compliance with Landscape Architectural Guidelines, previously adopted by the Association.


The Landscaping Committee shall:

  1. Familiarize itself with Association’s landscape maintenance agreement;
  2. Familiarize itself with Landscape Architectural Guidelines, previously adopted by the Association;
  3. Identify Common Areas which the Association must maintain;
  4. Oversee and ensure satisfactory performance of the Association’s landscape maintenance contractor;
  5. Inspect the Common Area, identify routine maintenance needs and meet with Association’s landscape maintenance contractor at least weekly;
  6. Respond to landscape maintenance issues reported to or noticed by residents or Association Manager;
  7. Submit written reports on maintenance activity and/or contractor’s performance to the Board of Directors at least monthly;
  8. Advise the Board of Directors of maintenance issues noted in the Common Area, which are outside the scope of the maintenance contractor.



The Landscaping Committee shall be comprised of three (3) volunteer owners in good standing as appointed by the Board of Directors.  Committee members’ term shall be annual.  Members may be removed from the Committee upon their loss of good standing status or as decided by the Board.  Vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by a vote of the Board of Directors. 

One (1) Committee member shall be a member of the Board of Directors, shall act as a liaison between the Committee and the Board, but shall not be permitted to Chair the Committee.  The Landscaping Committee shall elect a Chair at their first meeting, which shall be held no later than one week after its appointment.



The Landscaping Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, however the Landscaping Committee may authorize landscaping repairs (for example: replacement of dead plants) provided the cost of repairs does not exceed $400 in any given monthLandscaping Committee is not authorized to initiate improvements to the landscaping without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.


Adopted at the Board meeting held on _____ day of ___________________, 200__.


                             SIGNED BY:








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